Details that
recount an event


The Catering Service by Bussolini Design S.p.A. was created and developed to conceive design layouts with the intent of offering memorable events, within alternative locations as well, such as ancient villas, historical buildings, castles, and beaches.



Bussolini Design S.p.A. is particularly attentive to the environment and its preservation, thanks to a fleet of new generation vehicles that use natural gas. Through the “Industrial Laundry Service”, it has chosen Henkel Ecolab as its partner, a leading provider of professional solutions for washing fabrics.


Bussolini Design S.p.A. is actually linked to the ancient tradition of sewing and craftsmanship. It is for this reason that the Company, in partnership with a textile company, creates tailor-made products and manufactures table linens for hotels using fine fabrics, such as linen, damask, and cotton.


An innovative and elegant idea, unique and customizable furnishings, the armchair collection signed Bussolini design is the perfect synthesis of beauty, sophistication, and functionality. Each line follows a taste, a unique style, combining materials and colors in harmony with multiple furnishing solutions. The Nuovo Maggiordomo® is not just an armchair, but an example of a design that transforms living spaces.


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