Bussolini Design S.p.A. is an established company with over twenty years of experience in the creation of elegant and unforgettable design events. The originality of its interior and exterior layouts, product quality, refined fabrics, attention to detail, and a customizable laundry and ironing service make Bussolini a leader in its field.

The company, based in Gioia del Colle (Bari), is divided into four business areas: a catering service for planning receptions and equipment rental, industrial laundry service for washing and sanitizing fabrics with an attentive eye towards the environment, tailor service for customized linens, and a special division related to decorating, with an innovative and elegantly designed collection of internationally patented armchairs labeled Giovanni Bussolini.

Each product, fabric, and design is studied to be the concrete realization of what each client desires. A ceremony, an event, a celebration, a new wedding concept, or a traditional rite, Bussolini Design S.p.A. gives every moment a magic touch.

Sophistication and elegance, combined with high professionalism, make Bussolini a benchmark of excellence in organizing unique events.

These are the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat define the company and express themselves through the quality of an always impeccable service, capable of creating an enchanting atmosphere in original and unexplored locations. Every event brings with it an advantage, that of being exclusive and unique.