The new creation by Bussolini Design S.p.A. is conceived as a real butler (Maggiordomo). A perfectly successful synthesis of an elegant room in a chair. Comfortable, elegant, full of class, designed for him and for her.

In the words of its designer, the reason behind this incredible project:
When I invented the new Maggiordomo® in 2001, the idea was to design the first armchair that could accommodate, in a comfortable seat, both a person and also his or her most precious objects, in a single gesture. I’ve always had, as a fundamental objective, comfort in a new meaning that is not limited to a physical level, but becomes a way of life, and my job involves a constant search for how to improve it. The purpose of all the changes and added features made over the years has been precisely that of elevating the comfort level of the new Maggiordomo®. This concept, which quickly became an international success, has patented features that cannot be found in other armchairs, since this is not just a piece of furniture. There are no words to describe its exceptional sense of functionality.

This is where architecture transforms living spaces and adapts to the characteristics of the environment.

Its charm lies in its apparent simplicity, the functionality of the spaces obtained, in its harmonious beauty, the result of carefully studied lines and the exquisiteness of the materials used.

The project is ambitious: to create the new Maggiordomo® combining the colors of leather and wood according to the needs of clients who can customize their armchairs so that they can match the taste and style of a room, a home, or an studio.