Bussolini Design S.p.A. is particularly attentive to the environment and its preservation, thanks to a fleet of new generation vehicles that use natural gas. Through the “Industrial Laundry Service”, it has chosen Henkel Ecolab as its partner, a leading provider of professional solutions for washing fabrics.

The company offers a laundry service that sanitizes and washes laundry using high level technological processes.

New washing techniques using hydrogen peroxide instead of sodium hypochlorite (bleach, which is responsible for deteriorating fabric) allows to obtain a whiter, softer, brighter, more fragrant, and more resistant laundry, revitalizing fabrics in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

These techniques do not alter the natural fiber of linen, which has a great capacity to absorb moisture, is a natural UVA filter thanks to its shielding property, is resistant to heat and also exposure to light. Furthermore, the cultivation of linen offers advantages in terms of environmental impact as compared to other natural fibers, since the plant does not require pesticides and herbicides and is able to regenerate soil.

The ironing process is the last and most delicate step before preparing the products and is carried out very carefully and with different methods in relation to the needs of the client and the fabric: soft for napkins, sheets, and pillowcases, stiff for tablecloths and curtains.