Bussolini Design S.p.A. is actually linked to the ancient tradition of sewing and craftsmanship. It is for this reason that the Company, in partnership with a textile company, creates tailor-made products and manufactures table linens for hotels using fine fabrics, such as linen, damask, and cotton.

The choice of using linen follows specific criteria, that of a balance and of low environmental impact, since Bussolini Design S.p.A. has always be attentive and sensitive to this topic. Linen is a very soft, cool, natural, and flexible fabric. It looks silky and bright, due to the presence of waxes and greases, and is stronger, more resistant, and conducts heat better than cotton, leaving a feeling of freshness.

Each product is unique for its quality and value, and is manufactured with extreme attention to detail. The company has a tailoring division that deals with specific production processes that include hemstitches, gimps, and other embroidery, in line with a true craftsmanship tradition.

The company’s tailors create a tailor-made sample in a few hours, to dress each furnishing. The qualified and trained personnel is able to respond promptly to any client request, enabling every desire for a dream event.