Due to their artisan characteristics, each model is manufactured on order and in a limited number.

We purchase full-grain skins from major tanneries all over the world, and the basic requirement we ask of our suppliers is to comply with the strictest international quality control standards. Our managers follow all the selection stages first hand. Four different qualities of leather, in many beautiful colors.

When you buy leather furniture, you should know that:

  • real leather is a natural product and its color cannot be completely uniform, and it can vary slightly from one product to another;
  • real leather is sensitive to direct sunlight, impurities, and perspiration, and its color can vary slightly over time due to wear and exposure to light;
  • traces of life – insect bites or scars – are a characteristic of natural leather;
  • leather furniture should be protected from heat and direct sunlight.

The base is made of top quality solid wood, such as wenge, ebony, briar root, or black andwhite lacquer. Their known resistance confers a long duration.

Inside the jewelry box jewelry you’ll find an plaque with your initials engraved by hand.